Price Guarantee Policy

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At, we are committed to provide not only the best services but also provide the lowest rates on everything that we are selling.  So, if you find any product at a lower price from any other e-commerce website, let us know and we will match it.

How do I request a price match from

It’s Simple. Before purchasing, just give us a call or speak to one of our representatives via Facebook Chat. PAKREF will then review and verify it within 24-48hrs.

For urgent queries, Call us at +92-304-1111-346/a> for Price Match Request.

What is acceptable as proof of a price when requesting a price match?

Official printed flyers/brochures of the competitor stating the price and product is accepted. Furthermore, Screenshot and URL Links are also acceptable for e-commerce websites. All these documents can be submitted to us

Can I apply for Price Match request after purchasing the item?

Yes, Price match can also be requested within 3 days after a purchase.

Price Matching Terms & Conditions: reserves the right to cancel the request without prior notice.