Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners in Pakistan:

Air conditioners are being common in Pakistan due to an increase in living standard, lifestyle and climate change. In a couple of years, we have seen a big change in air conditioners industry as competition has rapidly increased which has brought more options to consumers.

Today in Pakistan, air conditioners have been introduced with different technologies like smart mode, inverter, ECO mode and now you are also getting air conditioners with a heater too. The air conditioner industry has changed a lot due to competition and we have more options available like Gree, Mitsubishi, Kenwood, Acson, Dawlance, Haier, Daikin, Orient, etc.

Inverter Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan:

While buying air conditioners in Pakistan, you will find different variation in prices from every dealer. There is no consistency because even you will a huge difference of price in super-marts too which has been a big issue for customers now. The prices of inverter air conditioners start from around PKR. 5,5000 and goes above PKR. 120,000. If you want to buy non inverter air conditioner at an affordable price range from PKR.35000 to PKR. 50,000, you can get it from brands like Haier, Kenwood, Orient, Dawlance, and Pel. When you talk about air conditioners that deliver value and gives you the best cooling are expensive. These air conditioners prices start from PKR. 50,000 – PKR. 85,000 and above. You get these air conditioners from brands like Acson, Gree, Daikin, and Mitsubishi.

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