Gree Inverter AC Price in Pakistan

Gree is one of the most reputable manufacturer of air conditioners in Pakistan. They have been producing some of the best air conditioners in Pakistan. Gree Air Conditioners are available in two different technology including Conventional and Inverter AC. These are available in three different models that have different color, functions, specifications and eer ratings which include Fairy, Viola and Gree g10 inverter ac.

Gree G10 also known as Cozy Series is their most selling model due to its availability at a better price point in Pakistan.

There are a number of factors when considering an air conditioner especially if you are looking for energy efficient options. One of the best options is to go with full dc inverter ac which are available in wall mount and gree floor standing ac as well. These are more efficient than a standard inverter ac and can save you an additional 20% energy due to its better efficiency.

We have also elaborated some of the best technology gree Pakistan has incorporated in their air conditioner which makes them more energy efficient, reliable and have a better life cycle especially in the extreme weather of Pakistan.


Gree Pakistan is now using R410 Refrigerant in their inverter and non-inverter air conditioners. This will also help in achieving a lower ozone depletion compared to R22 Refrigerant which has been banned in all the developing countries.


Gree inverter ac price in Pakistan might be a bit high if you compare it with other brands. However, if you look at some of the features and energy efficiency ratings of gree ac, we will totally understand the price difference.

Some of the models of gree can achieve an EER of 4.0 which is considered to be the best efficiency ratings. Moreover, Gree inverter ac power consumption will also be significantly lower if you opt for their Viola Series.


Wifi is one of the few features that are available in some of the models. Gree floor standing ac in 2 ton inverter technology is also wifi enabled which might increase gree floor standing ac price in Pakistan.


Gree dc inverter ac has the biggest indoor and outdoor units in the market which makes it more efficient and robust especially if you are considering to use in commercial applications. Gree inverter ac 1.5 ton indoor unit is 1013mm which is almost equal to gree inverter ac 2 ton size.

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