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Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

The demand for washing machines have slightly increased due to an increase in living standard and most of the people are now looking for household solutions that save time and money and washing machine does that. In the current market, the competition has increased giving you options like brands and types of with different kinds of functions

Today in Pakistan, washing machines have been introduced with different technologies like eco-mode, energy saving, and a fully automatic machine. The washing machine industry has changed a lot due to competition and we have more options available like Dawlance, Kenwood, Super Asia, Orient, Samsung, Haier, and L.G, etc.

While buying washing machines in Pakistan, you will find different variation in prices from every dealer. There is no consistency because even you will a huge difference of price in super-marts too which has been a big issue for customers now. The prices of washing machines start from PKR. 12,000 and goes above PKR. 127,000. If you want to buy a washing machine at an affordable price from PKR.13000 to PKR. 50,000, you can get it from brands like Super Asia, Haier, Kenwood, Orient, Dawlance, and Pel. When you talk about washing machines that deliver value are expensive and these washing machines prices start from PKR. 50,000 – PKR. 127,000 and above. You get these washing machines from brands like Samsung and L.G.

What if we tell a place where you can all these washing machines at a good price? Yes, you can get from Pakistan Refrigeration, you can buy online from Pakistan Refrigeration website too. It is the authorized dealer for the brands you need and it sells at a price which decided by the company. Its customer service is also good and you can easily claim your warranty too. Over here at Pakistan Refrigeration, you find a variety of options and you will get the best washing machine price in Pakistan over here at Pakistan Refrigeration.

Washing Machines in Pakistan

Pakistan is an emerging economy and if we see the living standard has also increased in a couple of years. People in Pakistan are looking for solutions for households and those solutions who on other hand also minimizes the time cost. So in this case washing machines saved a lot of time and even it cut the cost of the salary being paid to maids to wash the clothes. In a few years, the demand for washing has increased.

Moreover, there have been technological changes in washing machines like eco mode, giving more options like regular or heavy wash and removing small stains in minutes. Even now washing machines are designed in a way that saves energy and has a low effect on the utility bill.

Due to the increase in competitions, you will find many options or we can say brands like Samsung, Dawlance, Pel, Orient, Super Asia, Boss, Kenwood, L.G, Haier and Panasonic. But you will find many brands expensive as they give you the value you want and especially quality like Samsung, Kenwood and L.G. The main problem in Pakistan while buying a washing machine is that there is lack of originality of the product, secondly huge difference in the prices of washing prices from the authorized dealer and wholesale market and the last main problem is that washing machines life is not durable due to inconsistency supply of voltage or we can electricity.

But if we tell you about a dealer who is authorized and gives the best customer service to its customers and most importantly sells those brands that are reliable as well as durable. The name of the dealer is Pakistan Refrigeration, who have the best deals and is completely authorized. Pakistan Refrigeration sells you washing machines of different categories automatic, front loading, top loading, single tub washer, and twin tub semi-automatic. It sells you the best washing machines at a good price, with good customer service, and we guarantee you that.