Baxi 1.5 Ton 5DC Inverter Split A/C

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- DC ULTRA INVERTER:The Ultra DC Inverter makes it possible to operate in a higher frequency range and permissible voltage toa dapt its operation to the thermal requiremetns of the room, thereby achieving maximum efficiency and energy rating A . DC Inverter fans of indoor and outdoor modular units allow the fans to speed to the real needs which increases the overalll system efficency upto 30%- ANTIBACTERIAL FUNCTION ''ANTI-FUNGUS'':The unit will start the antibacterial function after cooling modes or dehumidification preventing the growth of bacteria and mold to maintain a healthy environment.- SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION:This process keepss the inside of the unit clean and prevents the growth of bacteria.- FUNCTION ''TURBO'':Maximised the power delivered in cooling and heating systems, achieving the desired temperature immediately. This high frequency starting power increment a 30% and reduces the time to achieve the desired room temperature by 50%- POWERFLOW AIRFLOW:Air flow reaches 15 meters, thansk to the double layer blade.- ULTRA COMFORT:Thanks to the high technology, the unit is able to control the room temperature with variations of - 0.5 degrees.- IDLE MIN. CONSUMPTION:The design of the electronic card allows to reduce the power consumption from 5W to 0.5W in standby mode.- HEATING AND COOLING TEMPERATURE EXTREMES:The device can operate upto -15 degrees outside temperature in heating mode and upto 52 degrees in cooling mode by using two stage compression technology.- LOW NOISE AIR FLOW:The design of the indoor unit includes a crossflow fan of large diameter, which reduces the airflow without slowing power to reduce noise from the indoor unit.- DOUBLE SWING:Ability to conrtol the airflow within all directions (up/down and left/right)
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MODELLS1NW12 (1 Ton)LS1NVW18 (1.5 Ton)LS1NVW24 (2 Ton)
Cooling Capacity (Min-Max)          BTU12283 (4094-12965)17401 (6482-17742)23884 (9894-24566)
Cooling Capacity (Min-Max)          Watts3600 (1200-3800)5100 (1900-5200)7000 (2900-7200)
Heating Capacity (Min-Max)          BTU12283 (3070-12965)18424 (4776-18766)24907 (7165-25248)
Heating Capacity (Min-Max)          Watts3600 (900-3800)5400 (1400-5500)7300 (2100-7400)
Min Input Power Cooling                Watts288330504
Min Running Current Cooling           A0.941.502.3
Max Input Power Cooling                Watts125017642422
Max Running Current Cooling           A5.848.011
S-EER                                                   Cooling6.16.16.1
S-COP                                                  Heating444

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