Gree 2 Ton Inverter Split Airconditioner – GS24CITH2G

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  • 1st European Compliant Heat and Cool Air Conditioner
  • Latest Powerful G-10 Inverter
  • Ultra Low Frequency Torque Control
  • State of the Art High Speed DSP Chip
  • Precise Tempreture Control
  • Faster Cooling And Heating
  • Wide Frequency Precise Control
  • Power Factor Correction Technology
  • Ultra Low Noise Control
  • Computer Stimulation Control
  • High Reliability
  • Ultra High Frequency Control
  • Ceiling Cooling and Floor Heating System
  • Integrated Design
  • Dual Installation (Both sides option)
  • Auto Restart
  • Fire Proof Electric Box
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • SMPS
  • High Temperature Resistance PCB
  • Turbo Cooling
  • 3 Sleep Curves
  • Double Layer Condenser
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Gree 24CITH 2 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner

Gree 24CITH 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner is equipped with latest powerful g10 inverter technology that saves energy by up to 60%.

Gree G10 Inverter AC is also equipped with low frequency torque control, precise temperature controls, state of the art high speed dsp chip,precise temperature Control, faster cooling and heating, wide frequency precise control, power factor correction technology, ultra low noise control, computer stimulation control, high reliability, ultra high frequency control, ceiling cooling and floor heating system, integrated design, dual installation option, auto restart function, fire proof electric box, high temperature resistance pcb board, turbo cooling, 3 sleep curves and double layer condenser. 

Gree G10 Series comes in 3 different sizes including 1 Ton (Gree 12CITH), 1.5 Ton (Gree 18CITH) & 2 Ton (Gree 24CITH)


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