Kenwood Imperial 4 Ton Floor Standing AC (KEI-4830FH)


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  • Heat & Cool Option
  • R22 Gas
  • LED Display
  • Golden Fins Condenser
  • Auto Restart
  • Compressor T1 Scroll Type 


Out of stock

Kenwood Imperial 4 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioner (KEI4830FH)
Kenwood 4 ton Imperial Floor Standing is the latest 2018 variant from Kenwood Pakistan.

  • It comes with heat and cool function which adapts to the unfolding seasons and maintains the desired room temperature in every area and performs efficiently in even at 50 degrees and also provides unifrom heating even at -7 degrees. 
  • Kenwood 4 ton floor standing series KEI-4830FH model is also equipped with 4d airflow to ensure a harmonized temperature throughout the room, air blades and air louvers swing not only vertically but also horizontally, which helps to improve air distribution and flow and makes you feel comfortable during hot summers and cold winters. 
  • Equipped with golden fins condenser and 100% copper piping which prevents leakage and all motors have copper winding.  
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