Orient Twin Tub 12 Kg Semiauto Washing Machine


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  • Program Selection
  • Transparent Lid
  • Rust Proof Body
  • Magic Cleaning Filter
  • Spin Air Dry

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Out of stock

Program Selection

Selects a preset programming to cater various types of washing procedures.

Transparent Lid

Its transparent design door provides convenience for users to check on the laundry’s status.

Rust Proof Body

Its plastic cabinet model is perfect for avoiding rusting therefore increasing the appliance’s useable life-span.

Magic Cleaning Filter

This function not only helps prevent soap and lint buildup in the drum or tub but also keeps it off the clothes. The machines collect the residues in the filter, which can be easily removed manually.

Spin Air Dry

With a unique cover design, water can be easily discharged from fabric by the inner wind circle, effectively improving the drying effect.

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