Westpoint Deluxe Rotisserie Oven WF 4500 RKC 1800 Watts


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  • Rotisserie oven for grilling full chicken
  • Ideal for grilling, roasting, toasting and baking 
  • With kebab/BBQ function for making kebab, hot dogs and grilled cubed meat  
  • Power input 1800 W
  • Size: 45 Liters


1 Year

Note: Warranty can be claimed directly from our display showroom. Offer Valid for Karachi only. 


Out of stock

Westpoint Baking Oven WF 4500 RKC

Westpoint deluxe rotisserie oven wf 4500 rkc  not only toasts your sandwiches but also bakes, grills and roast variety of healthy recipes for yourself and your family. Westpoint baking oven wf 4500 rkc also has a nonstick grill and a power of 1800 Watts that enables you to prepare delicious food quickly and without much effort. All you have to do is adjust the temperature and wait for the power indicator to beep in order to inform you about the status that your food is completely prepared.

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45 Litres

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