Mitsubishi 1.5 Ton Inverter AC (MSZ-HJ50VA)


  • Heat and Cool Option
  • R410 Refrigerant
  • Highest Energy Efficiency in its class
  • 100% Copper
  • Excellent Heat Transfer Capabilities
  • 5 Years Compressor & 1 Year Parts Official Warranty



Mitsubishi 1.5 Ton Inverter AC MSZHJ50VA

Buy Mitsubishi 1.5 Ton Inverter AC MSZHJ50VA at the best price in Pakistan with official warranty and delivery all over Pakistan

Inverter Technologies

Mitsubishi Electric inverters ensure superior performance including the optimum control of operational frequency. As a result, optimum power is applied in all heating/cooling ranges and maximum comfort is achieved while consuming minimal energy. Fast, comfortable operation and amazingly low running cost -That’s the Mitsubishi Electric promise

Inverters – How They Work

Inverters electronically control the electrical voltage, current and frequency of electrical devices such as the compressor motor in an air conditioner. They receive information from sensors monitoring operating conditions, and adjust the revolution speed of the compressor, which directly regulates air conditioner output. Optimum control of operation frequency results in eliminating the consumption of excessive electricity and providing the most comfortable room environment.

Advanced Inverter Control – Efficient Operation All The Time

Mitsubishi Electric’s cutting-edge inverter technologies are adopted to provide automatic adjustment of operation load according to need. This reduces excessive consumption of electricity, and thereby realises an Energy Rank “A” rating for 25-35 classes and “A+” for 50 classes. In accordance with European latest energy label standard.

True Comfort

Simple comparison of air conditioner operation control with and without inverter.

Point 1 Quick & Powerful Point 2 Room Temperature Maintained
Increasing the compressor motor speed by controlling the operational frequency ensures powerful output at start-up, brings the room temperature to the comfort zone faster than units not equipped with an inverter. Hot rooms are cooled, and cold rooms are heated faster and more efficiently. The compressor motor operating frequency and the change of room temperature are monitored to calculate the most efficient waveform to maintain the room temperature in the comfort zone. This eliminates the large temperature swings common with non-inverter systems, and guarantees a pleasant, comfortable environment.


Econo Cool

Econo Cool is an intelligent temperature control function that regulates the amount of air directed to the body radius positioned air outlet. Ambient temperature can be raised by 2 degrees Celsius without losing comfort, thus achieving an increase of 20% energy efficiency. (Function available only during the cooling operation manuals)


Mitsubishi MSZHJ50VA 1.5 Ton Inverter AC comes with a 3 Year Compressor and 1 Year Parts Official Warranty which can be claimed directly from mitsubishi all over Pakistan


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Indoor Unit MSZ-HJ50VA
Outdoor Unit MUZ-HJ50VA
Power Supply Source Indoor Power Supply
Outdoor(V/Phase/Hz) 230V/Single Phase/50Hz
Cooling Design load Kw 5.0
SEER(*3) Energy efficiency class


Capacity Min-Max kW 1.3 – 5.0
Tonage Tr 1.5
Total Input (*4) Min-Max kW 0.300-2.050
EER 2.44
Heating (Average Season) SCOP(*3) Energy efficiency class


Capacity Min-Max kW 1.4 – 6.5
Tonnage Tr 1.5
Total Input (*4) Min-Max kW 0.270-2.030
COP 3.65
Indoor Unit Input Rated kW 0.037
Dimensions H*W*D mm 290*799*232
Weight Kg 9
Air Volume (Lo-Mid-Hi-Shi)(*2) Cooling m3/min 6.3 – 9.1 – 11.1 – 12.9
Heating m3/min 6.1 – 8.3 – 11.1 – 14.3
Sound Level (SPL) (Lo-Mid-Hi-SHi)(*2) Cooling dB(A) 28 – 36 – 40 – 45
Heating dB(A) 27 – 34 – 41 – 47
Outdoor Unit Dimensions H*W*D mm 550*800*285
Weight Kg 36
Air Volume (Lo-Mid-HI-SHi(*2) Cooling m3/min 36.3
Heating m3/min 34.8
Sound Level (SPL) (Lo-Mid-Hi-SHi)(*2) Cooling dB(A) 50
Heating dB(A) 51
Ext.Piping Diameter Liquid/Gas mm 6.35/12.7
Max.Length Out-In m 20
Max.Height Out-In m 12
Guaranteed Operating Range(Outdoor) Cooling °C +15 ~ +46
Heating °C -10 ~ +24


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