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Toshiba 1 Ton Split AC RAS-13S3KS

Toshiba IAQ Filter
Inhibits growth of harmful bacteria and viruses like H5N1.

Hi power mode ensures delivery of extra cooling rapidly without making any undesired noise.


Comfort Setting
12 flap setting, 7 speed motor input and auto cleaning function.


After shut down the fan operates for 20 minutes and dries the evaporator prevents mold formation.

Model (Indoor Unit) RAS-13S3KS-EE
(Outdoor Unit) RAS-13S3AS-EE
Nominal Voltage (V / phase / Hz) 220-240 /
1/50 Cooling Capacity (kW) 3.55
Efficiency Ratio EER 03.11
Efficiency Ratio COP 3.56
Power consumption (kW) Cooling 1.14
Indoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 275x790x195
Net weight (kg) 10
Air consumption (Cooling / Heating) (m? / h) 620 – 620
Operating noise level (dB) 31 – 41
Outdoor unit Dimensions (mm) 550h780h290
net Weight (kg) 33
The working noise level (dB) 50
pipe Size Liquid (mm / inch) 6.35 (1/4)
Gas (mm / inch) 12.70 (1/2)
compound type flaring
Drainage (inner diameter) (mm) 16.30
Maximum path length (m) 20
Maximum path length without refueling (m) 15
Maximum path height (m) 8
Permissible outdoor temperature (Cooling / Heating) (??) 15-43 / – 10-24

? Precise airflow control (12 damper positions, 7 fan speeds). Air can be supplied in any direction.
? The unique Toshiba IAQ air purification system protects you not only from dust, but also from bacteria, viruses, unpleasant odors and allergens.
? Economy mode.?Save up to 25% of energy without compromising your comfort
? Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.

Style, safety and nothing more
Toshiba’s modern technology guarantees unrivaled comfort and clean air in your home.?Toshiba SK3HS-EE Series wall-mounted split systems combine stylish design with high performance and attractive price.?Safe refrigerant R-410A does not destroy the Earth’s ozone layer.
Compact but maximally functional
The weight of the indoor unit of the RAS wall-mounted split system – ** SK3HS-EE is only 9 kg, and its thickness is 195 millimeters.?An outdoor unit weighing 20 kg less than its predecessor by 16%, without compromising performance.?The elegant design of the indoor unit with a moon-white plastic panel is suitable for any modern interior.
Please note: air conditioners with a fixed compressor speed (non-inverter) do not interfere with complex electronic equipment.?In rooms where servers or medical equipment work, it is permissible to use only this type of air conditioner.
Functions and modes of the air conditioner The
new Toshiba SK3HS wall-mounted air conditioner remote control is designed for convenience and ergonomics.?Frequently used buttons are moved up, and function control buttons are located below.
Optimal air distribution system
With the new models of Toshiba air conditioners, you have enormous freedom in adjusting the air flow due to a significant increase in the number of blinds.?You can choose one of 12 positions by directing the air flow at an angle that provides maximum comfort.
Toshiba: perfect air control
Toshiba wall-mounted air conditioners have 5 fan speeds, including Auto mode.?From a soft blow at the lowest speed to a refreshing cool breeze at high speed – the air control is in your hands!?For quick cooling, select the ?Maximum power? mode, which immediately creates a powerful stream (up to 1240 cubic m / h) of fresh air.
Toshiba IAQ air purification system
Toshiba is continuously striving to improve air quality with domestic air conditioners.?An effective IAQ filter protects you and your home from adverse environmental influences:
? Antibacterial protection: destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria
? Deodorizes air: cleans the air of unpleasant odors, smoke, ammonia and other harmful substances.
? Mildew protection: prevents mold and mildew.
? Deactivates viruses, including bird flu virus (H5N1).
The experience gained during the creation of previous air-purifying devices allowed Toshiba to create a filter that extremely effectively purifies air without reducing air flow.?The Toshiba IAQ air purifier is easily restored to light – just rinse it in water and place in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours for photocatalytic regeneration.
Environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A
Toshiba’s new split systems are designed to meet environmental standards.?The range of wall split systems Toshiba RAS – ** S3KHS-EE is designed to use R-410A refrigerant.
R-410A refrigerant is a non-flammable, non-toxic and highly energy-efficient refrigerant safe for the ozone layer of the Earth.?The zero ozone depletion coefficient meets the most stringent environmental requirements established by the Montreal Protocol, which has already entered into force in some countries of the world.

New Toshiba S3KHS and S3KS split systems Toshiba
begins supplying two new series of wall conditioners to Russia.?Split systems of the S3KS series work only for cooling, and S3KHS are equipped with a heat pump (cooling + heating).
Compact and reliable air conditioning with attractive price.?The smooth front panel of the moon-white color will fit into the interior of any style.?An optimum air distribution system with 12 blinds and 5 fan speeds ensures cool air without drafts.?Series include sizes 07-24 (1.9 to 6.4 kW).
? Shutdown by timer.?This function allows you to set the time after which the air conditioner automatically turns off (range from 30 minutes to 12 hours).
? Maximum power mode.?Additional airflow to quickly achieve the desired temperature.
? Economy mode.?Save up to 25% of energy without compromising your comfort.


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