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Inverter ac price in Pakistan are constantly rising especially when you buy from a third party vendor or seller. It will cost more but if you buy from a dealer it will cost you at a great price and you will also get official warranty from the manufacturer directly.

Inverter AC in Pakistan is considered to be a necessity especially when we look at the electricity bills and weather in every city be it Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi or any other city. Therefore, it is essential to have an ac installed in your home irrespective of the city you live in. However, AC Prices in Pakistan are not going down instead they have been increasing with the passage of time whether you opt for a inverter ac or a non inverter ac.

Inverter AC in Pakistan are the most selling airconditioners because of their low electricity bills and there compatibility with Solar and UPS. Inverter ac are ideal for homes where the usage is more than 7-8 Hours. However, if the usage is less than 7 hours then its feasible to go for non inverter ac also known as conventional air conditioner.

Inverter air conditioners are also ideal because the ROI is much better and you can easily get the return on investment within 12-14 months if the unit is properly installed with the right load calculation. Any good inverter air conditioner will run at 1.5-2 amperes compared to a conventional ac which takes around 8-11 amperes.

Furthermore, Inverter ac in Karachi have also seen a huge surge in sales due to increase in electricity tariffs. Consumers are now opting for more and more energy saving options. In addition to this, prospective buyers are now installing more energy efficient options especially if they are planning to install a solar system even if the usage of inverter ac is low but since there is no torque in inverter ac compared to the conventional ones therefore it is ideal to install them if the house is equipped with a solar system.

Lets discuss inverter ac price in Pakistan now. Prices for inverter air conditioners are constantly increasing due to duty structure and freight charges. In addition, there are different type of inverter ac in Pakistan ranging from t3 compressor, full dc inverter ac, 3dc, 4dc and single dc inverter ac. Therefore, the more parts are dc the higher the price will be but you will save more electricity when opting for a full dc or an ac with higher EER Rating.

In addition to this, Consumers now also get the option of t3 compressor in inverter ac which helps alot especially if the city you are living in is very hot. T3 Compressor AC are rated to perform even at 60 degrees. However, there is too much hype and it wont help a lot especially if your area is cooler and the temperature doesn’t go above 40-45 degrees. Therefore, it is better to go for a t1 compressor but you can definitely opt for a better inverter ac which has a higher eer rating in Pakistan.

Inverter AC and Non-inverter AC also comes in different capacities starting from 1. 1.5, 2, 2.5 Tons in Wall Mount Split AC. Moreover, Capacities in Floor Standing Air Conditioners varies from 2, 4 and 8 Ton.

Some other variants of air conditioners in Pakistan include ceiling cassette, ceiling concealed or floor ceiling air conditioners.

All the variants of air conditioners comes in inverter ac and non-inverter ac types so you will have the option to chose from according to the usage and which one is feasible option. is also authorized dealer of all the leading inverter ac and non inverter ac brands in Pakistan including gree, kenwood, daikin, o general, baxi, sharp, pel, hisense, panasonic etc. You can get the best inverter ac in Pakistan exclusively at with delivery all over Pakistan and free delivery in Karachi. Consumers also have the advantage to visit our store outlet in Karachi.