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Refrigerator & Fridge Online & In-Store Available In Pakistan

Refrigerator is an appliance that is a necessity for every house hold in Pakistan. Whether a prospective buyer wants a top mount fridge, bottom freezer, french door refrigerator, multi door, pigeon pair, or a side by side refrigerator there priority is to buy something that can last a lifetime irrespective of the type of refrigerator.

There are two types of technology that are available in Pakistan which are deep frost and no frost. Both have their own pros and cons but when it comes to sale volume, Deep Frost also known as direct cool are the most common selling fridge in Pakistan as they are comparatively much cheaper than no frost technology. However, No Frost Fridge and Freezers are much better in terms of their performance, quality and reliability because most of the units are being imported from Thailand or China which are relatively better than the no frost units being manufactured here but they are two times more expensive than direct cool refrigerators.

In Pakistan, prospective buyers prefer to buy a double door fridge also knows as top mount. These are available very easily and are available in every brand including haier, pel, dawlance, kenwood, lg, hitachi, samsung to name a few.

Some other common features that customers find in a fridge will include inverter compressor, glass door, water dispenser with ice crush, automatic ice maker and iot. These are mostly preferred by the audience because of electricity saving, aesthetics and ease of use.

You can also buy refrigerators on the basis of their capacity which include single door also known as room fridge. They start from around 2.5 to 5 cubic feet capacity. Double Door or Top Mount Options start from 7 cft to 22-25 cft. Some side by side or other variations can be as big as 27-30 cubic feet. is the authorized dealer of leading brands in Pakistan with physical stores located in Karachi. Find the best refrigerator price in Pakistan only at