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Fan Heater Price in Pakistan

With the latest advancement in technology, Fan Heater in Pakistan have seen little or no growth as consumers are shifting to inverter air conditioners which have built in heating. Therefore, the demand for electric fan heaters has been decreasing. However, In winter season there is a very sharp increase of electric fan heaters and they sell like crazy especially in areas where there is extreme cold like lahore, islamabad, rawalpindi and some other areas of Pakistan. Although the fan heater price in Pakistan are constantly on a rise but it feels like the demand of portable heaters is definitely there irrespective of the cost.

There are different options available in room heaters especially when we look at their power capacity. They can start from 900 Watss and can go upto 2000W depending on the usage. Moreover, You will also have the option to opt for oil radiator heaters which are available in very limited brands but black and decker oil radiator heaters are the most selling in Pakistan. Delonghi is also one of the best oil radiator heaters out there but there availability is very limited. Oil Filled Radiaor Heaters takes some time to heat the room but the warmth remains a very long time even if you turn it off.

Some other options include fan heaters that use a coil to heat the room. They are very cheap and very portable but they are not very efficient and loses the warmth very quickly. Moreover, they can only be used in small rooms. Some of the fan heater brands that you can easily find here in Pakistan include Westpoint, Anex, Philips to name a few.

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