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Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan

One of the most important appliance that we will find in every home in Pakistan is a deep freezer be it a chest or vertical freezer. These have their same importance just like a fridge but consumers prefer to buy a separate single door or double door freezer as they want more space in the freezer which is not enough in a conventional refrigerator.

Due to size constraints, People prefer to buy vertical freezer as they are much easier to fit in small houses and flats. Moreover, they utilize less space compared to a chest freezer. Looking at some of the most selling brands, waves deep freezer tops the list in Pakistan as they are considered to be the pioneer in freezer category. Haier, dawlance and pel are also one of the most selling freezers in Pakistan whether its a single door, double door, triplet or upright freezer.

Another type of freezer technology that you can buy in Pakistan is deep frost and no frost technology. No frost deep freezers in Pakistan are being manufactured by a few brands only which include dawlance, kenwood, homage, samsung, sharp to name a few. No frost technology is much better than deep frost as you don’t need to do the regular maintenance. No frost deep freezer is available in vertical freezer only.

You can also have the option to buy a double door chest freezer which can be half fridge and freezer also known as triplet or you can also buy a full size deep freezer which is around 18 cubic feet for storing big items like ice cream, meat or vegetables. Moreover, if you want to save on electricity you can also buy a inverter deep freezer which will not only save electricity but will also run on ups, solar and generator easily.

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