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Due to health and safety concerns, People are now more cautious with what they are consuming whether its food or liquid intake. That’s why we have seen an alarming rise in the sale of water dispenser in Pakistan. These water cooler are available in different brands that you can easily find online and in-stores as well. Some of the most common dispenser brands include homage, orient, pel, changhong ruba, dawlance, gree to name a few.

For commercial usage, You can opt for electric water coolers that have much bigger capacity than the standard water dispensers which can store up to 3-5 liters only. Conventional Water Dispenser also come in different sizes and types. Some of the most common are two tap, three tap, table top dispenser and bottom loading water dispenser.

You can now get the best water dispenser price in Pakistan from an official dealer online at and in-store as well if you are in Karachi. Why buy from a third party website now when you can buy from an authorized dealer of leading water cooler brands in Pakistan.