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Double Door Fridge in Pakistan

Double door fridge in Pakistan are the most common and the most selling refrigerators. They are the most essential item in every house and is no more considered a luxury in Pakistan.

Double door refrigerators come in two types. The most common and the most affordable option is a deep frost fridge which are easily available online and in-store as well. You have plenty of options when it comes to brands including haier, dawlance, pel, orient and kenwood to name a few. They come in different sizes starting from a 2.5 cubic feet single door fridge up to 21 cubic feet size. One of the biggest sizes currently available in a double door fridge is around 600 litres which equates to around 21 cubic feet.

Then comes no frost refrigerators. These are very expensive refrigerators and comes in different designs and types but double door no frost fridges are the most selling here in Pakistan atleast. One of the main reasons for them to be expensive is because of the technology and the custom duties which makes them more expensive.

Majority of the brands including LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Sharp are Thailand assembled. These are also equipped with inverter compressor that takes a lot less electricity compared to deep frost refrigerators especially those that does not come with a inverter compressor. Another advantage of buying a no frost double door fridge in Pakistan is that its quite low maintenance as you dont need to clean the freezer all the time compared to the deep frost fridges.