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Top Load Washing Machines in Pakistan

Top Load Washing Machines have always been the most selling automatic washing machines because of better prices compared to front load washing machines. Therefore, consumers prefer to buy top load washers. Another reason for consumers opting for these fully automatic washing machines is simply because it is much easier to maintain and repair whereas it is quite difficult to fix a front loading washing machine.

In addition to this, Consumers in Pakistan opting for a top loader is lack of awareness. Although, front load washing machines are better in terms of wash but due to the price difference and lack of awareness about the technicalities of both these washing machines, consumers have no option but to buy a top loader.

Furthermore, Another advantage for top load washer is that they come in different capacities which varies for 7.5 KG, 8 KG, 9 KG, 10 KG, 11 KG, 13 KG, 16 KG whereas in front loading automatic washing machines, consumers are limited to small sizes only and the ones that are available in bigger sizes are very expensive.

In Pakistan, You can find a number of brands that deal in top load washer and dryer including haier, dawlance, kenwood, lg, sharp and samsung. Although after sales service is a major concern in Pakistan and consumers prefer to buy those brands that have good service so that they can find the availability of those parts easily.

If we look at the imported brands in washing machines, LG and Samsung are the two best brands that have the biggest variety of washing machines with good after sales service. However, the prices in Pakistan are on a higher side but you always get what you pay for.

If we look at samsung top load washing machine price in Pakistan they are definitely not cheap but you are getting a better washing machine in terms of quality and washing as we have a very good example of Samsung active dual wash washing machine which sells like crazy.

Similarly, LG top load washing machine price in Pakistan is on a very high side but you are getting the best washing machine as they are all equipped with inverter motor saving you alot of electricity. In addition to this, they are also smart washing machines and can be controlled by your cell phone. is the authorized dealer of leading consumer electronics brands in Pakistan. You can find the best automatic washing machine price in Pakistan online and in-store as well. Consumers who are based in Karachi can also visit our display store and buy their favorite brands of washing machines in Pakistan.