Dyson Supersonic Gift Edition Hair Dryer


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  • Fastest drying+: The small, powerful Dyson digital motor V9 combined with Air Multiplier technology, produces a high velocity jet of controlled air, for the fastest drying+ and precision styling
  • Gift edition includes complimentary display stand, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, smoothing noozle, styling concentrator, diffuser, non slip mat, and storage hanger
  • Helps prevents extreme heat damage: Intelligent heat control measures the air temperature over 40 times a second, to prevent extreme heat damage
  • Engineered for different hair types: Through research in our hair laboratories Dyson has engineered a range of attachments designed to style different hair types
  • Lightweight and balanced: Dyson has turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle, completely rebalancing the dryer’s weight and shape
  • Magnetic attachments: The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer comes with magnetic attachments, so you can adjust Quickly and easily
  • Acoustically tuned: The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency
  • Precise speed and heat settings: Delivers fast drying and styling, regular drying, and gentle drying with a constant cool flow
  • Negative ions: Help reduce static in the hair

Dyson Supersonic Gift Edition Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is arguably one of the best hair dryer in the market there although it comes at a very hefty price but you get what you pay for. In Pakistan, there is a niche market out there who is willing to spend money on quality-oriented products and that is why we bought Dyson Products in Pakistan. Pakref has the most competitive Dyson supersonic hair dryer price so you can shop online sitting at the comfort of your house.

Features Of Dyson Supersonic Gift Edition

Styling attachments

Smoothing nozzle
Dry and style your hair at the same time with gentle, low-velocity airflow.

Styling concentrator?
The wide, thin design of the Styling concentrator creates a high-velocity blade of air that’s perfect for styling. And because the air is focused, you can style one section at a time ? without disturbing the rest with this amazing Dyson supersonic hair dryer.

Engineered to disperse air evenly around your curls, the Diffuser simulates natural drying, helping to reduce frizz and define curls and waves. Long prongs allow you to style hair with control ? and reach deep into the hair.

Key controls

3 precise speed settings
High ? for fast drying and styling
Medium ? for regular drying
Low ? for diffusing

4 precise heat settings
212?F ? fast drying and styling
176?F ? regular drying
140?F ? cooler drying and diffusing
82?F ? constant cold

Cold shot
82?F cold shot, to set your hair after styling

Magnetic attachments
The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer comes with magnetic styling attachments. For easy fitting and rotation during styling.