Termite Control Services in Karachi

termite control service in karachi
termite control service in karachi

Termites very commonly known as deemak are basically a type of cockroach and they are evolutionarily related as per research. Termites cannot live all by themselves as they are social insects and live together in groups or colonies. One termite can’t all live by itself, it needs to have a colony around it. The only way to tackle termite infestation is through termite control which can be performed via different treatments out of which liquid chemical treatment is the most common in Karachi 

Termites & Their Love for Karachi

Termites prefer the hot, humid, and moisture climate of Karachi. Due to Karachi being near the Sea, Moisture plays a major role in termite acceleration and that is one of the biggest reasons why termite infestation is widespread in Karachi. Moisture also affects termite treatment. If there is excessive moisture and there are gutters that are not properly drained away from your house it will inevitably take the termite chemical with it and reduce the effectiveness of the termite treatment so we have to make sure it does not happen and the moisture stays away from your house as much as you can.

Therefore, a professional Termite Control and Treatment Service in Karachi is mandatory.

Best Termite Control Treatments in Karachi

Liquid chemical treatments are one of the most common, traditional, and time-tested termite control services in Karachi especially in the long run if we compare it with other termite fumigation methods like termite bait stations which are not very common in Pakistan.

Liquid chemical treatments will be applied by mixing up with water and then applied in the soil around the perimeter of your house. So when this chemical gets into the ground and when the water dissipates away these particles of this chemical attach themselves to the soil and when the termite crawls through the mud they pick up this chemical on their skin and transfer it back to the colony and kills off the termite colony.

Liquid treatment is usually a one-time solution and will last you at least 5-10 years but it all depends on the moisture level or if you have water-related issues that may make it go away faster we do offer a 5-year warranty on termite control treatment in Karachi.

How We Do The Termite Proofing Procedure

As discussed earlier, Using Liquid Chemicals is the best termite treatment being the safest and time-tested. Firstly, Team will inspect the area and after complete inspection, holes will be drilled inside the corner of all walls at every 5 Feet Distance. Once the holes are drilled at a depth of 10-15 Feet, the liquid chemical will be added to those holes which will then create a protective layer beneath the soil.

If you are living in a flat or home which is on the 1st Floor or above,  a different termite treatment procedure will be performed as we won’t be able to drill holes instead the area will be covered by spraying the chemical where needed.

How Termites Operate & Survive 

They exclusively eat wood. Wood is composed of 60 percent of sugar and so termites chew up to the wood and the little pieces of sawdust and those go in their gut, they have symbionts in their gut basically they are little tiny microbes that help them digest cellulose which is a material fact most animals can’t digest and enzymes produced by the termite as well as those microbes take that wood and turn into sugar which is metabolic energy for the termite to live.

Stop Buying Demak Sprays and Don’t Risk Your Life – Avail Professional Termite Control Service in Karachi

Usually, people prefer to rely initially on termites also known as deemak spray and powders which are not very effective in the long run and may create a lot of health issues and might be life-threatening for your family as there are numerous cases reported.

Pakref.com offers a 5-year warranty on termite control and fumigation services in Karachi. Our staff is trained and will ensure to provide the best termite treatment service as we have been doing for the last 25 years.

Why Choose Pakref.com

Pakref.com is a multi-channel retailer & service provider offering services in HVAC, pest control, and cleaning services as well. Pakref.com brings a vast 25 Year experience with them which enables us to deliver the best results to our prospective clients for professional pest control services for homes and offices in Karachi.