Full DC Inverter AC

Full DC Inverter AC

Full DC Inverter AC are available for quite some time. However, not a lot of information is available about this technology. Complete Full DC Inverter Air Conditioner include 5 components that are DC (Direct Current) which helps the air conditioner to be more efficient than a standard inverter ac.

Full Inverter AC consist of Indoor Motor, Outdoor Motor, Compressor, Indoor vane motor and electronic expansion valve that are DC.

Some of the brands that have Full DC Inverter AC in Pakistan include Kenwood, Daikin, General, Aux-Daikool, Samsung, Haier, Sharp, Hitachi, Gree to name a few.

Full 5DC Inverter AC is 15-20% more efficient due to their better eer and seer ratings. However, it is also important to look at the after sales service of that brand if you are opting for some of the best inverter ac in Pakistan because there is no point of buying a full dc inverter ac if there is no after sales support.