Ecostar 1.5 Ton Inverter Cassette AC EK-18IH01

  • Inverter Ceiling Cassette AC
  • 18000 BTU
  • R410 Refrigerant
  • Heat & Cool
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R410a 50Hz DC Inverter?


I.???? Product lineup

II.?? Features of Outdoor unit

III. Features of Indoor unit

IV. Control

Product lineup


Capacity (Btu/h) 18k 24k 36k 48k 3Ph
Outdoor Unit
8-way Cassette


Ecostar Cassette Inverter Heat & Cool Models

1 EK-18IH01 (18000 BTU) 1.5 TR
2 EK-24IH01 (24000 BTU) 2.0 TR
3 EK-48IH01 (48000 BTU) Double Fan 4.0 TR

Outdoor Units

1.Product LineUp

2. Features

Capacity 18k 24k 48k 60k
Dimension? (mm) 800?286?530 890*320*670 940?368?1366

Features of Outdoor Units

Feature of Outdoor Units

1. High Efficiency

2. Convenient Installation

3. Quiet Operation

4. Precise Control

5. Protection & Reliable

1. High Efficiency

Equipped with high efficiency DC Inverter compressor and DC fan motor,advanced 180?sine wave vector driver, the system can be higher than 4.0 in SCOP so as to meet the European new energy efficiency standards.





0.5W Standby

Intelligent technology enables Ecostar products to cut energy consumption from normal 5W to 0.5W per hour when standby, which counts 90% ofsaving.


180? Sine Wave Control

Ecostar has the most advanced 180?sine wave DC inverter compressor drive? technology and active PFC technology make quieter and more economical? operation.

Optimized Pipeline Design

The refrigerant inlet and outlet are separated, to ensure the sub-cooling,? enhance the cooling capacity.

2. Convenient Installation

Long Piping

? Long piping design, the maximum pipe length can be up to 50m.

? If the connection pipe is too long, the cooling capacity would be decreased.






3. Quiet Operation

Quiet Motor and Fan

The advanced DC brushless motor for both indoor and outdoor unit, adjust
fan speed according to the system pressure and decrease the noise.


The system using muffler to eliminate system noise.







4. Precise Control

Fast Cooling & Heating

According to the heating effect of condenser (dirty, blocked, aging, poor
ventilation), the compressor can automatically calculate an appropriate rate
to the target frequency, ensure that the output capacity can achieve fast
cooling and Significantly improved the stability and comfort.

EXV Adjustment

According to the suction superheat and discharge superheat, the EXV is adjusting
the refrigerant volume accurately to ensure the capacity and reliability.
Supply stable room temperature and provide customer comfort feelings.

Reliable Oil Return

Unique oil separator, ensure the effect of oil return under the long pipe, and
low frequency.

Intelligent Defrost

? The defrosting times and time can be adjusted automatically according to the environment temperature, the defrosting time decrease 25%.
? The intelligent defrost function enhances heating efficiency by 10%.

5. Protection and Reliable

Wide Operation Range

No matter when it is as high as 52? in hot summer or -15? in cold winter, the? unit could operate perfectly, making you feel like spring all year around.

Cooling range: -10~52?

Heating range:-15~24?

Double anti-corrosion

The housing of outdoor unit is made of galvanized metal, then enhance its corrosion resistance through the powder spraying technology, which can? improve its anti-corrosion ability 3 times in coastal regions.

Stress Analysis

Analysis piping stress distribution in transportation and running process,
improve the reliability of the structure.

The amplitude Analysis

Analysis piping amplitude and displacement in transportation and running process, to find piping vibration patterns and come to solutions.

System Protection

Discharge temperature too high protection
Condenser temperature too high protection
High and low pressure protection
Temperature sensor protection
Compressor overloading protection
Phase sequence protection
Communication failure protection
Anti-freezing protection
Anti-cold air protection

Drive Module Protection

High power consumption
Overcurrent protection
Over temperature protection
High or low voltage protection

Indoor Units

1. Functions of Indoor Units

2. 8-way Cassete


Function of Indoor Units

Auto-restart Function

Recover the former operation state when power is restored , no need
restart the unit manually.

Recover the former operation state when power is restored.

Indoor High Temp. Protection

Recover the former operation state when power is restored , no need
restart the unit manually.

If Tm = 60? stop compressor;’

Tm<41? Quit protection

Indoor Units

8-way Cassette

  • Capacity range: 18-60kBtu/h
  • Fresh Air Intake
  • Innovative 3D spiral wind Leaf
  • Digital tube displayer
  • Water pump with 1200mm water head is standard
  • Standard Washable Filter
  • Remote control is standard

2.Eight-Way Cassette

Product Lineup

Capacity 18k 24k 30k 36k 42k 48k(3ph) 60k(3ph)
Dimension? (mm)






Air Flow(m3/h) 700/600/530 1300/1050/950 1400/1150/1000 1800/1550/1350 1800/1550/1350 2050/1750/1500 2050/1750/1500
Noise(dB(A)) 46/44/36 47/43/38 48/44/39 51/48/45 51/48/45 53/48/42 53/48/42

Fire-Proof Electric Box

Integrated electric control box, the E-box is safely covered by
metal plate, for better fire-resistance.

It is easy to repair the control part.

Built-in Drainage Pump

The built-in pump can lift condensing water up to 1200mm high
from the drainage pan.


Ecostar Model Capacity Panel Model
EK-18IH01 1.5 Ton EK-03
EK-24IH01 2.0 Ton EK-03
EK-48IH01 4.0 Ton EK-05







Digital Tube Display


Remote/Wired controller

Remote controller is standard for 8-way Cassette.

Wired controller is optional for 8-way Cassette.

Remote/Wired controller

Ecostar AC equipped with WIFI Control technology, customers can enjoy fun and convenience of remote control via mobile phones and other mobile terminals (Android and IOS) to control the AC at anytime and anywhere.

Central controller

Central controller, up to 64 units can be controlled.

Monitoring System

  • Monitoring operating parameters of Indoor and Outdoor unit
  • Running state of Each part, debugging and control
  • Online diagnosis, convenient for troubleshooting
  • Process control: Defrost, oil return
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