why ac servicing and preventive maintenance in karachi is a must

Why AC Servicing in Karachi Is A Must Leave a comment

The biggest reason for air conditioner failure especially in Pakistan is the lack of preventive maintenance services that consumers usually avoid. Majority of the consumers will go for corrective maintenance ac service. By regular servicing your air conditioner it will help you to lower your electricity bills and the unit will also perform much better.

Some Common Inverter AC Issues Faced By Karachiites

Just like any other consumer electronic item, Inverter or Non-Inverter Air Conditioner performance will degrade with time and they require regular ac service in order to ensure that they work at their optimum. That is why AC Service in Karachi is a must because of the humidity, moisture and the sea corrosion which drastically reduced the efficiency of the air conditioner. Some of the most common issue of inverter air conditioners are of PCB Cards which fails after an year or two because of the moisture. Similarly, U-Bands and Coils are also badly affected and they get corroded with the passage of time. Most affected residents live near sea view under 5km radius. However, both these solutions can be addressed by coating the inverter ac circuit board and ac inner and outer coil by Anti-Corrosion and Moisture Protection Coating.

Best Time For AC Service

This is another area that has been ignored forever. Consumers will buy an air conditioner and will forget to get them serviced on time. This will lead to poor performance of your unit and leads to poor cooling which ultimately results into less life cycle. It’s better to schedule ac servicing on time with your ac technician who is certified to do the job. It’s better to get your air conditioners serviced in winter season as it will be much easier for the ac contractor to schedule your job and that too on time since they will not be busy.

Why Wait, Schedule Your AC Service in Karachi Now

Pakistan Refrigeration has a vast experience of 25 Years in HVAC Industry. Working with some of the leading multinational companies including Unilever, Lotte Chemicals, Linde to name a few.

We are now working with in the residential sector to provide our prospective customers in Karachi with the best air conditioning maintenance and service that has been missing in the Residential Air Conditioning Service Industry.

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