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Best Inverter AC In Pakistan Review 2022-2023 32

Best Inverter AC In Pakistan 2022-2023 Review

We have ranked some of the best inverter ac in Pakistan 2022 to make the purchasing decision much easier for our consumers to what to look for in an inverter ac in Pakistan. The best inverter ac in Pakistan should not only consist of features including their specifications, performance but after-sales service as well. After all, what’s the benefit of buying the best ac in the market if you are not getting any after-sales support from the manufacturer.

Inverter Air Conditioners have been a very important purchase for a house especially if you are looking to save energy. There are a number of air conditioners available in Pakistan that claim to save upto 75% energy. However, there energy efficiency is not that significant. There are a number of factors to consider before buying an inverter air conditioner in order to make sure that they are the most energy efficient air conditioners in the market.

DC Inverter AC in Pakistan are available in 5 categories that include a 1 DC (Compressor Only), 2DC, 3DC, 4DC And 5DC Full Inverter Air Conditioners. The more the parts are dc the more efficient the system becomes. In Pakistan, 1 DC Units are the most common air conditioners that are available in the market and are also the most selling due to its price. However, they are not very energy efficient compared to a 4DC and 5D rated full dc inverter ac. Furthermore, there are also a number of other factors to consider before buying an inverter air conditioner including EER(Energy Efficiency Ratio), SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), Compressor Rating T1 or T3,  Room size, After sale service and customer feed back. 

Therefore, we have ranked the top 7 best dc inverter ac in 2022 and their top of the line variants that we think are the best in terms of energy efficiency and after-sales support.

However, its important that customers need to do their homework before purchasing any inverter ac in Pakistan and ensure that they are purchasing from an authorized dealer whether its an online e-commerce website or from a display store so that they can assist the customer to resolve their complaints when the time comes.

Top No. 7 Spot: Fujitsu O General Inverter AC 

Previously ranked as the best inverter ac in Pakistan, O General sales in Pakistan has dropped quite significantly and other reason for not giving them the top spot was their lack of after sales service in Pakistan.

However, O General Inverter Air Conditioners are arguably one of the best dc inverter ac in Pakistan in 2022 considering the quality and reliability of their manufacturer Fujitsu General. They are manufactured in Japan and is being assembled in Thailand. However, there are only a few variants available in Pakistan including 1.5, 2 and 2.5 Ton Inverter AC. Warranty being offered in Pakistan is only 1 Year but there is a very strong cult following for O General Inverter AC in Pakistan and those who have previous experience with this brand will always opt for O General irrespective of the price especially considering the longevity and performance of this air conditioner.

BE AWARE, There are fake O General Air Conditioners in Pakistan so customers really need to make sure that the product that they are buying is genuine. There is also a Pakistani company operating by the name similar to 0 General but that is not O General and is totally a different brand. 

Those who are really looking for the best inverter ac in Pakistan and don’t have budget constraints as such should definitely consider O General Inverter AC. Although the warranty is not great but considering the after-sales service in Pakistan, customers really don’t have many options, especially when buying very high-end products like O General or Daikin. However, the Return on Investment in these units definitely is a plus point and is something that we can very strongly recommend.

Our Recommendation:

Buy Now: Fujitsu O General 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Buy Now: Fujtisu O General 2 Ton Inverter AC

Buy Now: Fujitsu O General 2.5 Ton Inverter AC 

Top No. 6 Spot: Sharp Inverter AC 

Sharp Inverter AC in Pakistan are doing really well for the last 3-5 Years in Pakistan and is steadily increasing its market share due to their quality and low complaint ratio and a better after-sales support than other manufacturers. Although, its an aluminum coil which has a limited life compared to copper coils,  it is considerably better than the third graded copper coils being used by manufacturers which get leaked very often whereas the aluminum coils being used in Sharp Inverter AC are surprisingly very good and we have got excellent feedback from customers regarding their performance and life cycle.

Sharp Inverter Air Conditioners has also got one of the lowest complaint ratios in Pakistan making a great choice for customers. Moreover, Sharp Inverter AC will also be a good option especially for prospective customers who live near Sea or areas where they face moisture and corrosion issues.

Pakref.com has been selling Sharp Inverter Air Conditioners for a few years now and we are quite satisfied and so are our customers.

Our Recommendation:

Buy Now: Sharp 1 Ton AHX12SEV

Buy Now: Sharp 1.5 Ton 18SEV

Buy Now: Sharp 2 Ton AHXP24SHV 

Top No. 5 Spot: Kenwood eComfort & Luxury Inverter AC

Due to some technical glitches with Kenwood eSmart Series, The company has stopped the production till 2022. However, there are some other great options to look for. One of them is kenwood ecomfort and luxury inverter ac that are capable of producing very similar results especially when we are looking at their energy efficiency.

At 26 degrees, we have achieved 1 amperes with both ecomfort and luxury inverter ac. These are 3dc rated inverter ac and can operate in 52 degrees temperatures quite easily.

Kenwood Pakistan has also upgraded their warranty terms and are now providing 10 years compressor warranty and 4 years pacb card warranty.

Our Recommendation:

Buy Now: Kenwood Luxury 1 Ton 

Buy Now: Kenwood Luxury 1.5 Ton 

Buy Now: Kenwood eComfort 1 Ton 

Buy Now: Kenwood eComfort 1.5 Ton 

Top No. 4 Spot: Panasonic Inverter AC

Finally, Panasonic Inverter AC in Pakistan is now officially available which means that customers will be able to get proper after-sales support and the best thing is after-sales support is being provided by PEL which will definitely help Panasonic to increase their market share. Previously, prospective customers wanted to buy Panasonic inverter air conditioners but due to poor or no after-sales support in Pakistan, Customers had to consider other options which will not be the case anymore.

Previously, Panasonic Inverter AC in Pakistan were all CBU Units which increased their cost but now they are being assembled in Pakistan which has helped to reduce their cost drastically without compromising on the quality, efficiency, and overall durability of these amazing inverter air conditioners. Due to an amazing price point, customers have got an amazing option to chose from and that too with much better after-sales support.

Moreover, Panasonic Inverter AC is all equipped with T3 Compressor, Turbo Cooling, 100% Copper Coil, and a Free Installation Kit that you will not find with any imported air conditioner brand in Pakistan which makes a great choice for customers.

EER Rating for panasonic inverter ac is around 3-3.2 which is not that great but the customer feedback that we have received for the last 3 years is the best among all the inverter acs that we have sold so far. EER rating might be very important but in Pakistan there are no regulatory bodies so we dunno exactly who is lying and which EER Rating is correct. Therefore, the customer feedback is also one of the most important criteria as well before buying inverter ac in Pakistan atleast.

Our Recommendation: 

Buy Now: Panasonic 1 Ton Inverter AC 

Buy Now: Panasonic 1.5 Ton Inverter AC 

Buy Now: Panasonic 2 Ton Inverter AC 

Top No. 3 Spot: Pel Jumbo Prime T3 Inverter AC

Pel recently launched their brand new flagship inverter ac which is a full dc inverter ac with wifi capability, t3 compressor and eer close to 3.6. In addition, Pel Jumbo Prime t3 is also equipped with Gen Mode that limits its power capabilities which is ideal in situations when you have power shortage and you want to run your ac on generator or ups.

It definitely ticks all the boxes that a customer is looking when buying an air conditioner especially when we look at their price. Pel Jumbo Prime is also

More importantly, the biggest advantage of buying Pel is their after sales service network which is huge and one of the best t in Pakistan. In addition to this, Pel offers 10 year warranty for compressor and 5 year pcb card warranty which is great and that might be a deciding factor for many customers.  

Buy Now: Pel Jumbo Prime 1.5 Ton 

Buy Now: Pel Jumbo Prime T3 2 Ton 

Top No. 2 Haier HPM Thunder T3 Inverter AC

Haier HPM Thunder T3 is one of the latest flagship full dc inverter ac by Haier Pakistan and is mainly targeted to those prospective buyers who are looking for nothing but the best. Haier Hpm Thunder T3 is specifically designed for coastal areas where there are issues of corrosion, oxidation and moisture issues that means it can withstand harsh conditions even if you are located near sea or where there is sea wind.

Haier Pakistan also claims the PCB is designed to withstand some tough environments which means that it wont create problems which is very common with pcb cards. With thicker substrate, the PCB of the outdoor unit works more stably with better heat resistance performance. The main components of the Circuit Board such as IPM, IGB, fuse and capacitor are upgraded with longer life.

In addition, Haier HPM Series has a bigger outdoor which translates to better heat transfer, cooling and more efficiency as well. Haier HPM Thunder comes in 1 and 1.5 Ton Capacity

Buy Now: Haier 12HPM Thunder T3 1 Ton Inverter AC

Buy Now: Haier 18HPM Thunder T3 1.5 Ton Inverter AC 

Top No.1 Spot: Midea Inverter AC

Very few people know about Midea and their legacy. Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Beijiao town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. As of 2021, the firm employs approximately 150,000 people in China and overseas with 200 subsidiaries and over 60 overseas branches.

They are one of the few manufacturers in China who has been manufacturing air conditioners and are one of the few  facilities who have been providing air conditioners to Pakistani air conditioning companies including Pel, Kenwood, Orient to name a few. That tells a lot about Midea and how huge this corporation is.

Midea Inverter Air Conditioners are the most under rated air conditioners rite now. They are one of the best in terms of performance especially when we look at their pricing in Pakistan. Midea Extreme Inverter AC is a full 5dc inverter ac equipped with a t3 compressor that can perform in extreme temperatures up to 55 degrees in Pakistan. Another great feature of this inverter ac is Gear Change which limits the power to 50%,75% and 100% which is ideal for ac that are running on generator or ups especially when they are taking too much load.

Furtermore, Midea claims that their inverter ac only takes 1.5kwh per night when using their eco mode and that makes it the most efficient inverter ac especially when we look at some of the best inverter ac in Pakistan including Daikin and O General which are equally efficient. However, the price difference is almost 2 times and that makes Midea a clear winner in this category.

Buy Now: Midea 1 Ton Inverter AC: 

Buy Now: Midea 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Buy Now: Midea 2 Ton Inverter AC 


Its very difficult to rate any brand the best inverter ac in Pakistan as there are a number of factors to account for. We have ranked the air conditioners on their performance, specifications and after sales service as well.

You can disagree with our ranking as the data that we have gathered is our own and you might have a different experience with the specific brand.

However, when evaluating an air conditioner and ranking them as the best inverter air conditioner we have to ensure that not only the specifications are the best but also the service is equally good. At the end of the day what’s the point of buying the most quality oriented inverter ac in terms of performance but without any after sales support in Pakistan.


  1. Great work out. It’s all about technology game and reputed parts manufactures.

    I am working for Hyundai but perhaps they are price competitive as require.

    1. Thank you danish. Appreciate it.

    2. Wat about Mitsubishi ?

      Umair yaqub
  2. Dear CEO your doings best quality job
    I seen a lot of good about you
    Please advice if I buy online from you
    Diakool DC inverter 1.5 ton
    After sale service available it Faisalabad city
    Best regards
    Amjad Ali

    1. Hello Ajmad. Its a great choice. Yes you can purchase from our website. After sales service is available in Faislabad.

      1. Assalam o alikum sir i want to buy energy efficient dc inverter a.c my room size is 13×12 first top floor if have visited the market and they offer me orient hier and gree as best option kinldy if u help me in selection as i have saved money for a year want to buy good thing

        1. Orient is good in operation, EER is moderate but bad in after sales services. They don’t publish the error codes, hence you will remain solely on the mercy of Orient.
          Haier and Gree could be good choice comparatively with perspective after sales services and performance as well. The EER performance will be different for various models. Select 75% energy saving and EER greater than 3.5

      2. The showoff was.quote good but one thing is missing
        None of the brands has shown real.wattage in consumption of electricity
        It is good to talk about it but the real tech can only show how much it consumes is the fact not disclosed by all
        All will replace the cards and charge the Custer’s heavily while no one class repair of the circuit board indicating range of repair cost for the circuit board which they don’t repair and charge 1/3 of the AC cost while circuit card repair would not cost more than Rd 2000
        Fools paradise

        Pervaiz Hussain
  3. Very informative, and concise analysis or A.C’s as per the innovation of 2019. Helped me a lot!

    1. That’s great. We would also request you to support us by purchasing from our website

  4. How is PEL Super Matt … It’s EER is 4.0
    And price is around 72,000

    1. We don’t have a lot of information regarding PEL Super Matt Inverter AC but it should be gud enough. However, EER in Pakistan is a bit doubtful since most of the companies are exaggerating it. There are other factors that you might want to consider which will be the after sales support and the built in features like T3 compressor etc.

      Any good full dc inverter ac will cost you above 90-95k. You can contact our sales team at 03428256262 for orders online and in-store

  5. Sir have you tested all above models and how much minimum and maximum amperes using above daikin 1.5 ton inverter ac or latest daikin inverter model and above daikin consuming just 30% less power instead of other mostly brands offering more than 60% less power and can you also tell me which is most top latest less power consuming 1.5ton inverter ac in UAE or Pakistam from Daikin, Gree, Lg, Panasonic or Samsung or any other brands?

  6. what is D category or rating of samsung inverter AR24KSFSFWK2PM? Is it 5D or what?

  7. I want to purchase Kenwood Ac, because of its high energy saving, that is EER 4.0. But I listened from customers of Kenwood, that after services are highly discouraging. No one listen the complain etc. I am from Muzaffarabad city. And confused to purchase which one. My range is 70k to 85k.

    Muhammad Zaheer Kiyani
  8. Sir. Can u tell me something about Kenwood 1824s model.I want to purchse or please suggest.

    Abdul Ghaffar
  9. Hi, what do you say about Panasonic CS YE18TKF-9? Will it save the energy or not?

    1. You didn’t mention EER of Samsung and daikon and others brands too. Please mention EER and COP of all the best models. Moreover what is highest value of EER?

  10. Why u didn’t mention Gree. Which is better in terms of economy. Sharp or kenwood.

  11. Which AC would you suggest to install in the kitchen? I want to purchase dawlance inverter AC sprinter 30, what is your opinion about it?

    1. Please show the following
      Actual wattage against each ac
      Circuit card costs 1/3 of the AC price and no one repairs them which would cost not more than Rd 2000 Pakistani
      We are poor nation and cannot afford circuit card replacement costing 18000 Pak rupee almost

      Pervaiz Hussain
  12. Great info, thanks for the share!

  13. I recomended low budget midle class family go to rd shop instalment purchase or on instalments selct enviro dc inverter model tq grande it is equiped with t3 compressor and bigger indoor unit and fully dc inverter all five componenta are dc 75 percnt energy saving ….

  14. I am just going to buy a new DC Inverter in this new summer 2020,
    Could you help me regarding Gree Fairy dc inverter. I just visited the market, but found some feedback that Gree’s electronic circuit isn’t reliable, it could be crashed by electricity fluctuations.

    1. You should consider viola and fairy series. You can also buy from our website and in-store if you are in Karachi.

  15. A.A i want to buy whirpool dc inverter kindly guide me about this no 2 pel jumbo dc inverter kaisa hy or hisence and hyundai and flower tulip kindly guide m

    1. What about TCL 5DC ?
      Does it have T3 compressor?

  16. Hello Sir,

    I am looking for 1 ton DC Inverter, kindly advise with which i should go

  17. Aoa i am in the military and usually posted to different stations so my problem is that i have to remove the AC after a few years, kindly recommend as i need a reliable 1 ton Full DC inverter AC.Should i go for GREE VIOLA or Kenwood 1220 .Also can you deliver to Bahawalpur

    Zubair Hayat
  18. Greetings,
    I need a good floor standing inverter AC for my TV lounge on 1st floor. Please suggest some models. I am based in Lahore.
    2: please suggest an inverter AC 18,000BTU & 12,000BTU for rooms.
    3: Suggest for kitchen as well

  19. What about Pel?

  20. How about General inverter ac?

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