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In the last 5 years, there has been a huge technological advancement in the field of air conditioning and we have seen the rise of Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan as well. Inverter AC has been a game changer and consumers are now preferring to buy inverter over non inverter ac simply because of better return on investment. Although consumers are willing to pay a premium on inverter technology but when it’s time for scheduling ac service, consumers are either not willing to pay for preventive maintenance or they will only get their ac serviced when there is an issue with the air conditioner. Due to moisture, corrosion and humidity issues, AC Service in Karachi is a must and this is something that if it’s avoided then the air conditioner can have serious issues resulting in poor energy efficiency.

For the last 25 Years, Our Company has specialized in HVAC Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Operations in Karachi and have been providing services to some of the biggest multinational companies in Pakistan including Lotte, Unilever, Chevron, Linde to name a few. Companies are willing to invest millions in ac operation and maintenance annually because they know the importance of scheduled ac maintenance since its better to invest in this service rather than procuring brand new machines worth million of rupees.

AC Repair in Karachi is one of the top trending keyword in Pakistan and the only reason is because of the moisture and humidity which is considered to be the enemy of inverter ac circuit boards also known as pcb. In addition to this, Consumers who are living in defence and clifton face the most issue with their inverter ac because of sea corrosion which ultimately results in replacement of a inverter ac circuit board or ac coil which can cost up to PKR 30,000-40,000. Therefore, it is recommended to schedule ac service in Karachi every 4-5 months and get it serviced in off season preferably in Winter.

Some Of The Main Reasons Why You Should Get AC Service in Karachi From Pakref.com

Redefining AC Service Like Never Before

Pakref.com is the first company to introduce ac service with cover bag which will take less time compared to a standard ac general service and also provides much better results as far as cleaning the indoor coil and fan blower is concerned. We also offer other ac maintenance services which include ac tunep and ac overhauling service in Karachi.

1 Month Leakage Warranty

We are also the first hvac company in Pakistan to provide our customers with 1 month gas leakage warranty whether you are opting for any ac service from us be it preventive or corrective ac maintenance. We’ve got you covered.

Certified AC Technicians

Our AC Technicians are properly trained from leading institutes of Pakistan and have considerable experience of AC Repair and Maintenance Work. Moreover, ac technicians that we hire go from a complete background check as well.

Best Sales Support

We do not operate like a road side ac technician in Karachi who never receives your call if the ac starts leaking gas from your brand new inverter ac. We know the importance of after sales support and we have promised ourselves to give our clients not only the best sales support but also provide them with true ac diagnosis and not to overcharge our customers for the sake of making money. For this very reason, all our ac technicians are financially rewarded by providing them with additional commissions once the customer is satisfied with their work ethic.


For serving the last 25 Years in Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning Industry, We are now giving our residential customers the same level of expertise and professionalism in domestic inverter and non-inverter ac repair, installation and maintenance work in Karachi like never before.

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