Best Refrigerator in Pakistan 2023

Due to the ongoing hike in prices of refrigerators in Pakistan, it is getting extremely difficult for the prospective buyer to buy any kind of fridge be it a no frost or deep frost fridge. However, it is very important to do your due diligence before buying a refrigerator in Pakistan. We have listed some of the most selling brands and their models which offer great value and features.

1. Haier Refrigerators

Haier is one of the market leaders in Refrigerator category due to their very aggressive marketing and excellent prices compared to the competition. Haier after sales services have also improved in the last years and that has really helped the brand to capture the audience by offering very aggressive extended warranty periods that no one was offering before. Haier Refrigerator Lineup is huge and customers have a lot of options to chose from a room size, double door and side by side refrigerators as well.

Haier most affordable lineup includes their E-Star Series that comes in glass door and metallic doors as well. Some of the most common features includes Stabilizer Free Working From 125-260V, 100 Hours of Cooling Retention, 30% Energy Saving, -25 Degree Deep Cooling, 5 Way Cooling, Concealed Evaporator, LED Light and a massive 10 Year Nationwide Warranty.  This series offer excellent value for money compared to the rest of the competition. It does not have any additional features but it will just be enough for your daily usage.

Haier’s mid-tier lineup is their Digital Inverter Series which is a glass door model. Some of the additional features of this model is that it only consumes less than 1 unit a day and comes with Antibacterial Technology, ABT Sterilization, FD Inverter, Blue Turbo Cooling, Digital Control System, 4 Temperature Sensors, Fastest Freshness Cooling Antibacterial Technology, A+ Inverter Compressor, 105V~260V Full Voltage Operation, 1 Hour Icing Technology, One Touch Smart Control, Turbo Cooling, 100 Hours Cooling Retention, 60% Energy Saving, 2+1 LED Lighting and a 10 year warranty. This model is for those prospective consumers who are looking for a better alternate especially when it comes to saving electricity. Consumers also have the option to choose from multiple color options as well.

Haier’s double door refrigerator flagship lineup is their Digital Inverter Plus Series which has been upgraded with Fresher & Humidity Control System (HCS) Technology. Although the price difference between digital inverter and digital inverter plus series is not that significant but HCS Technology helps to maintain the freshness and humidity levels of your food which was not possible before especially with a deep frost technology refrigerator.

2. Dawlance Refrigerators

Dawlance has a huge lineup of refrigerators and its sometime really confusing due to the number of models available. Dawlance is making deep frost and no frost refrigerators as well. Their Double Door and French Door Refrigerator lineup consist of deep frost technology where as their side by side refrigerator is a no frost technology.

Dawlance Double Door Refrigerator Series include E-Chrome Series which is their most affordable refrigerator lineup. However, they have very limited sizes available in this series. Then Comes Chrome LVS Series which is one of their most selling refrigerators due to their pricing and availability of sizes from 8 to 19 Cubic Feet Sizes.

Avante GD Series is one of their new refrigerator lineup which consist of glass door models and comes in burgundy, green, red and silver color. Avante Plus GD Inverter Series is pretty much the same like Avante GD but the major difference is the Inverter Compressor. Another Dawlance Refrigerator Lineup which is quite new is Chrome Pro Series which comes with a Inverter Compressor but without glass door.


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