Haier AC Review 2023 Complete Line up For Pakistan

Haier has a complete air-conditioner lineup in conventional and inverter acs. Since there has been a lot of confusion we decided to review every series Haier has introduced in Pakistan which will make the purchase decision much more easier for prospective consumers. Haier Air Conditioner lineup consist of Flexis Series (Non-inverter AC), LF Series (Cool Only Model), Puri Series, UV Series, Thunder T3 Series, Pearl Series and Marvel Series

Haier Flexis Non-Inverter AC:

This is pretty much a basic non-inverter ac with a very good price compared to the rest of the brands. It might not be a very durable model in terms of longevity but it will do the job just fine. For those who dont run their acs very often this non-inverter ac is a good bargain.

Haier LF Series Inverter AC (Cool Only)

One of the most selling inverter ac in Pakistan is Haier LF Series due to its very aggressive price and that is the only USP it offers. Its a basic cool only dc inverter ac which will not be a very efficient ac in terms of saving though. Haier although offers a great warranty on all these models which is a big relief for the consumers. So if you are looking something on a budget then you cannot go wrong with this series but its not very efficient and will not provide you the same level of performance that people except from a very high end inverter ac model.

Haier Pearl and Marvel Series

This is a mid tier 3DC Rated Inverter AC with an EER of close to 3.6 which is very respectable and comes with wifi, heat and cool option as well. Indoor and Outdoor is also slightly bigger which will help in better heat transfer, cooling and better efficiency. This is a very good option and will perform relatively well in areas where the temperature is not very hot. Haier offers 12 year compressor and 1 4 year pcb warranty on this model across Pakistan.

The only difference between Marvel and Pear is that the pearl comes in a variety of colors where as Marvel is white. Therefore, if you want to save a few bucks go for Marvel Series which offers better price.

Haier Puri Series

Haier Puri offers a dedicated air purifier which was previously not very common and this feature was only available in very high end brands of Sharp. Although the specifications are same as marvel and pearl series but due to a dedicated air purifier this is one of the most expensive inverter ac by Haier Pakistan so if you are thinking to buy air purifier as well it would be better to just buy a Haier Puri Inverter AC which is available in 1 and 1.5 Ton Capacity.

Haier Thunder T3 Series

Haier Thunder T3 Series is arguably one of the best local assembled inverter ac currently available in Pakistan and is driectly competing with the likes of Kenwood Esmart, Midea, Gree Fairy Series to name a few. Haier Thunder T3 is very close to the specs of Kenwood Esmart with a outdoor unit the size of 2 ton unit which helps in better heat transfer, air flow and excellent efficieny. Haier HPM Thunder T3 is also equipped with a t3 compressor which can perform in very hot and humid climates. We do not have the official EER Rating for this model but it definitely is one of the best acs as far as performance is concerned as it is their flagship full 5dc inverter ac as well.

Recently, Haier has also launched a new model by the name of 18HFT Thunder T3 which is pretty much the same but have offered some glossy colors in white and silver.


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