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Solar Panel Cleaning Guide: How to Clean Solar Panels in Karachi, Pakistan

In Pakistan, There is a very high demand of solar systems due to the exorbitant prices of electricity and everyone is trying to reduce their electricity expenses either by installing more efficient devices or by installing a solar system. However, its equally important to understand that the solar system that has been installed will create the same amount of units per day that has been communicated by the vendor only when the solar panels are properly cleaned. In Karachi, due to dust and bird poops cleaning the solar panels is a hectic job but its very important if you need the solar production to lower or zero your electricity bills.

Solar Panel Cleaning Cost vs KE Unit Cost

Due to on going high tariffs from Karachi Electric, the solar customers need to make sure that the system is producing maximum no of units to make sure there bills are zero and that can only be possible if the solar panels are properly deep cleaned. If the solar panels are not cleaned after 15 or 30 days there is a very high chance of losing efficiency upto 30% and this means that if you have installed a 15KW Solar system you can lose around 21 units per day. This means that we cannot import around 650 units per month to Karachi Electric because the solar panels were dirty and 650 units costs around PKR 37,700 which is a total loss every month.

How to Clean Solar Panel:

Solar panel cleaning is something that is considered to be a very easy job but in reality this is a very labor intensive work and requires a lot of hardwork especially if the system is around 10 KW or bigger. The bigger the solar system the more time it takes to clean the solar panels and by cleaning we do not mean just to use some water and wipe them off. Solar Panel Cleaning Service requires some specialized tools that can include a wiper, a telescopic brush and a water pressure pump to effectively clean the dust, dirt and bird droppings on the solar panels.

Using only water for cleaning solar panels is totally useless and will not increase your production. Therefore, its super important to clean the panels with water and use some kind of soft degreaser to clean the solar panels especially in Karachi. Telescopic Solar Cleaning Brushes with a built in water pump are usually expensive but they are very effective in cleaning the bird droppings very effectively.

Cleaning a 10KW Solar Panels require atleast 1-1.5 Hours depending on the structure type and how dirty the solar panels are. Same goes for a 15 KW Solar System which can take around 1.5-2.5 Hours. So if you have the time and energy you can easily clean the panels but if you have time constraints or want the best results then its better to hire a professional solar panel cleaning company. 

At What Time Should We Clean Solar Panels:

This is a very valid question and alot of customers ask us when do we clean the solar panels in Karachi as there is a chance of cracks due to thermal stress. Its recommended to clean them in evening time after 4:30pm when the weather is a bit cold but that will depend if the system is not very big. A typical elevated 15KW Solar system can take around 2 hours to clean so we have to complete this job in day light.

How Frequently Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned:

In Pakistan, the frequency of cleaning solar panels can depend on the area where you are located. If there are alot of trees then chances are there will be a lot of pests like crows and pigeons which can create issues such as bird dropping and as we have already mentioned that if these are present on the solar panels then the efficiency of the solar system can be reduced drastically so that is something you might want to check.

Another way to check when to wash your solar panels is to monitor your solar production and see when there is a decline in the units. That is a very effective way to check when your solar panels need cleaning. At Pakref.com, we monitor our clients solar systems so when its time to service we do give a call to our customers for  a service reminder.

How Effective Are Water Sprinkler For Cleaning Solar Panels:

Another school of thought among solar users is to install a water sprinkler to wash the panels but these kind of water sprinklers cannot clean the dust very effectively and most importantly the bird droppings can only be cleaned with a proper brush. Bird droppings is one of the major problems especially in a city Like Karachi where there are alot of crows and pigeons and that creates alot of nuisance for the solar system owners as they can reduce the solar production by upto 30%.

Clean vs Dirty Solar Panels

There has not been alot of information available on the difference a dirty solar panel will have on the solar production compared to a clean solar panel. If the solar panels are located near Sea where there is alot of dust and sea salt or if you are located near main road where there is alot of traffic then chances are your solar production can reduce by upto 30%.

Another common problem is that consumers do not clean the solar panels properly. Using only water without scrubbing the dirt will never clean the solar panels and there will be no improvement as far as the solar production is concerned.

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Karachi

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At Pakref.com, We do not just clean your solar panels we also monitor the efficiency of solar system and provide that data to the client that how much production you have gained after cleaning the solar panels. Typically, After cleaning there can be a gain upt0 30% if the panels are really dirty and clogged with bird droppings.

In addition to this, when you are investing in a preventive maintenance service you are extending the life of the solar panels which will ultimately maximize your units per day and there is high chance that you will not be receiving electricity bill from KE and most importantly you are also contributing to positive climate change.

At Pakref.com our technicians are trained to perform solar panel cleaning services with specialized tools that can include customized telescopic brushes with builtin pressure washer, Scrubber and a viper. We also use solar panel friendly degreasers to clean dust or bird droppings. Call Now at 0342-8256262 or visit our website


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