Importance of Ceiling Cassette AC Service in Pakistan

Servicing a cassette ac is a little bit different than conventional wall mount air conditioners. Preventive maintenance service is super important for ceiling cassette also known as central ac units as they run for atleast 8-10 hours especially if we talk about inverter air conditioners. Therefore, these ceiling ac will have to go through periodic maintenance after every 6 months to make sure their efficiency and life cycle is at its optimum. If the scheduled ac maintenance is not performed there is a very high chance of ac gas leakage from the evaporator coils due to lack of preventive maintenance and that’s a very expensive repair work on these type of central air conditioning units.

At Pakref.com, Our HVAC Technicians will perform some standard protocol for servicing a cassette type ac which  involves several steps, including cleaning or replacing filters, cleaning the indoor and outdoor units, inspecting the electrical connections, and checking the refrigerant levels.

Turning Off the AC:

Before servicing ceiling cassette ac it is mandatory to disconnect the power.

Removing and Cleaning the Filters:

Before performing a complete overhaul or master service of the ceiling cassette ac the filters need to be removed and cleaned with water and cleaning agents for optimum performance and efficiency. Clean filters can increase efficiency by 10-15 Percent.

Servicing the Indoor Unit of Ceiling Airconditioner:

Servicing the ceiling cassette indoor unit is very important because all the dirt is accumulated in the indoor evaporator coil and the leakage is very common if the unit is not regularly serviced. Therefore, it is mandatory to service ceiling cassette ac every 6 months.

Inspect the electrical connections:

When servicing the cassette airconditioner its super important to check all the electric connections and make sure there are no lose wires or any damaged parts in the system. If there is any part that needs to be replaced it should be performed during the preventive maintenance service.

Clean the outdoor unit:

Condenser coil also needs to be cleaned very extensively with a high pressure washer and coil cleaner to remove all the dirt which will be accumulated in the coil. This will increase the system airflow drastically as well with better cooling at the same time. In addition, the fan should also be cleaned extensively when cleaning the outer unit.

Check the refrigerant level:

Before servicing ceiling cassette ac, the ac technician at pakref.com needs to inspect the gas and make sure its not low. If the refrigerant gas is low, the ac technician will inform the client before servicing the unit. The ac might need a leak repair before servicing the ac. Adding gas in the ac without repairing the ac would be useless as the refrigerant will be leaked in no time.

Testing the ceiling cassette ac after servicing:

Once the indoor and outdoor unit of the ceiling ac is completely serviced, our ac hvac technician will inspect the cooling and refrigerant level to make sure the ac is performing at its optimum.

At Pakref.com our HVAC Technicians perform a complete master service on ceiling cassette ac with 1 month complete leakage warranty to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our work. For Annual HVAC Service inquiries related to VRF, Central Air Conditioning and Ceiling Cassette AC , Please call us at 0342-8256262 or email us at info@pakref.com


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