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We Have Ranked Some Of The Best Floor Standing AC In Pakistan (2019 Updated) Leave a comment

In Pakistan, Air Conditioners have come a long way. Starting From Window Air Conditioners to Floor Standing Air Conditioners, the evolution is pretty amazing. With the passage of time the technology has also been evolving and we have been familiar with eco friendly gases including R410 and recently introduced R32 refrigerant in Pakistan. Furthermore, We have also seen inverter technology in air conditioners that can save energy if used properly.

Like Wall Mount Air Conditioners, we have seen an influx of brands including Gree, Haier, Kenwood, Daikin to name a few  that are now introducing Floor Standing Air Conditioners in Pakistan due to the huge demand in corporate and retail sector.

Floor Standing Air Conditioners are ideal for residential and commercial use. In Pakistan, Standing AC are widely used in commercial shops, marriage halls, restaurants, tv lounge, mosques and display showrooms. They ideal for areas bigger than 300 Square Feet. For optimum results, it’s recommended to install  according to the room size in order to save energy and increase the life cycle of the air conditioner.

These comes in different capacities including 2 Ton, 4 Ton and 8 Ton. In addition to this, these are also available in inverter and non-inverter technology.

Floor Standing AC Prices in Pakistan have been increasing due to heavy taxation and custom duties which makes it very difficult for manufacturers to import. Therefore, manufacturers are now importing skd or ckd units of air conditioners to reduce the custom duties.

We have reviewed some of the most selling floor standing ac in Pakistan and have ranked them in terms of quality, after sales and energy efficiency.


5. Orient Floor Standing AC:

Orient floor standing ac are quite popular among users who are on budget but do not want to compromise on quality and after sales service.

Orient Standing AC are available in 2 Ton and 4 Ton capacity. In addition, Orient Floor Standing AC are also available in inverter and non-inverter types. Furthermore, they have recently launched their new Orient Ultimate Floor Standing AC Series which is available in 2 Ton and 4 Ton.

If you are really looking for the best orient floor standing ac price in Pakistan, you can visit us online and in-store


  • Available in R22/R410 Refrigerant
  • Heat & Cool Option
  • Anti Corrosion Gold fins for Evaporator and Condenser
  • Touch Led Display
  • Easy Clean Panel
  • Human Sense Function
  • Rust Resistant Cabinet
  • Energy Efficient
  • For All weathers (Heat & Cool)
  • 4D Air Flow

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 4. Kenwood Floor Standing AC:

Kenwood Floor Standing AC are the best option in terms of value for money.

Due to their aggressive price point, Kenwood Floor Standing AC have a decent market share in Standing AC category in Pakistan.

With 9 models including 8 conventional and 1 inverter kenwood floor standing ac, Consumers can chose in terms of color, features and capacity starting from 24000 BTU to 48000 BTU.

Consumers also have options to buy kenwood floor standing ac according to the different features. Some of the kenwood standing ac comes with T1 comressor whereas there are some of the variants that have T3 compressor installed. In addition, there are also other different features prospective consumers can chose from. However, Prices will vary accordingly.


  • Anti-Corrosion Outdoor Casing
  • ECO Friendly Technology
  • Turbo Cool
  • Auto Restart
  • LED Display
  • Wide Angle Air Flow
  • Intelligent Sleep Mode
  • Heat & Cool Function
  • Long Distance Air Throw
  • Refrigerant R410/R22 Gas
  • 100% Copper
  • 40% Energy Efficient (Inverter Technology)
  • Golden/Blue Fins
  • 20m Long Distance Air Flow
  • Touch Control
  • Sleep Mode

Buy Now: Kenwood Floor Standing AC

3. Gree Floor Standing AC:

Gree have created their own niche in Pakistan. They have a very strong fan following. Although, Gree Floor Standing AC is pretty expensive compared to local competition, Consumers prefer to buy gree floor standing ac due to their quality and positive feed back.

They have a wide variety of Standing AC in Pakistan that are available in different capacities including 2 Ton and 4 Ton capacity. In addition, Gree Floor Standing AC are also available in Inverter and Non-Inverter Technology.

Gree Floor Standing AC are also selling like crazy including their non-inverter and  inverter technology.  However, availability is an issue with gree and usually they don’t have enough stock to meet the rising demand.


  • Powerful Compressor
  • Six Health Filters
  • Magic Mirror
  • Low Voltage Start up
  • Overlong/3D Air Flow
  • Multi Fan Speeds
  • Comfortable Sleeping Mode
  • Memory Function
  • Automatic Drying Operation
  • Auto Clean & Intelligent Defrosting
  • Self Diagnosis
  • On Off Timer
  • Big Outdoor Unit with High Efficiency
  • U-Type Inner Groove Copper Pipe
  • Efficient & Quiet
  • Double Fan

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2. Aux Daikool Floor Standing AC:

Aux Daikool floor standing ac are ideal for commercial and residential use. They have been designed to perform in the most extreme weather of Pakistan. These units can perform in 65 degree temperatures.

With the recent success in the corporate world, Aux Daikool Standing AC are dominating the sales in the commercial market due to their excellent after sales service and value in Pakistan.

For those who are looking for the best floor standing ac in terms of quality and reliability, Aux Daikool floor standing ac is the way to go!


  • Available in R22/R410 Refrigerant
  • Highest Rated EER in Floor Standing AC Category
  • Designed For Heavy Duty Usage
  • Corrosion Protection Coating (Optional)
  • T3 Compressor
  • Heat & Cool Option Available
  • 4D Air Flow
  • Gold/Blue Fin Condenser
  • Available in 2 Ton, 4 Ton & 8 Ton

Buy Now: Aux Daikool Floor Standing AC 

1. Acson/Daikin Floor Standing AC:

Daikin and Acson floor standing ac are the one of the best floor standing ac in Pakistan money can buy. However, due to heavy taxation and custom duties there cost is very high and it’s out of budget for an average joe in Pakistan but for those who are looking for nothing but the best, they might want to stick with Daikin/Acson Floor Standing AC.

Moreover, Acson Floor Standing AC are also being made by Daikin and have the same technology and parts that are being used in Daikin Air Conditioners.

In Pakistan, Daikin has its own share of problems and availability is one of the major issues their main distributor is currently facing. Waiting time for daikin and acson air conditioners can be upto 14-16 weeks. In addition, their after sales service and parts are also the most expensive in Pakistan compared to other local brands.


  • Made in Malaysia
  • Available in R22/R410 Refrigerant
  • Hydrophilic Gold Fin (Optional)
  • Dry Mode
  • 4 Way Air Discharge
  • Washable Saranet Filter
  • Turbo Mode
  • Auto Random Restart
  • 25M Air Flow Distance

Buy Now: Daikin Floor Standing AC

Buy Now: Acson Floor Standing AC


There are a lot of options for consumers for floor standing air conditioners in Pakistan and it totally depends on the consumer what are they looking for. For example: Inverter floor standing ac can save energy by up to 50% but they cost two times more than conventional floor standing air conditioners. However, the return on investment can be pretty amazing if the inverter floor ac is installed according to the room size and load calculation of the area.

Therefore, consumers need to do some homework regarding the type of standing ac they want to purchase in order to ensure that they have invested in the rite brand, type and size of the floor air conditioner.

Those who are looking for floor standing air conditioners, they can find the best standing ac prices in Pakistan at

Above all, Consumers will also have a piece of mind when buying Floor Standing AC from us at the best prices from Pakistan Refrigeration since we are the authorized dealer of all leading brands in Pakistan.

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