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Kenwood Inverter AC Review 2022

Kenwood AC has recently launched different variants of air conditioners including Inverter and Non-Inverter AC in 2022. They have also been one of the first ac manufacturers who introduced different models according to EER when no one knew alot about EER, SEER and Full DC Inverter AC in Pakistan.

Seems like Kenwood is definitely upping their game in  Inverter AC category in Pakistan and will surely give a tough time to its competitors.

We have reviewed some of the models and types of Kenwood Inverter AC in Pakistan which have been recently launched.

1. Kenwood eSmart

Best Inverter AC

eSmart series is one of the most successful kenwood inverter ac in Pakistan due to its excellent EER, high durability, energy efficiency and functionality in extreme temperatures upto 63 degrees. Moreover, Kenwood eSmart Inverter AC also has one of the lowest amperes compared to the other Full DC Inverter AC in Pakistan.

Furthermore, this model is also a 7 Star machine and is  a 5D Full DC Inverter AC which can save up to 20% more energy compared to the conventional dc inverter ac in Pakistan.

Kenwood eSmart is also one of the best option in terms of value for money especially when comparing with other high end brands including Daikin and General inverter ac in Pakistan that can cost up to PKR 100,000.

It is currently available in 3 capacities including 1 Ton ( Kenwood KES-12238S), 1.5 Ton (Kenwood KES-1838S) and 2 TON (Kenwood KES-2438S)

As a dealer of Kenwood Pakistan, We have received one of the  lowest complaint ratio compared to other models of Kenwood inverter ac in Pakistan


  • Highest energy saving up to 75%
  • Heat & Cool
  • 7-Star machine with highest energy
  • Efficiency ratio (EER 4.0)
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Japanese polish internal design
  • Tropical compressor (Performs efficiently even at 63°C)
  • Bigger indoor and outdoor unit
  • R410a Gas
  • Long distance air-flow
  • Auto clean function

Buy Now: Kenwood 1238 E-Smart 

Buy Now: Kenwood 1838 E-Smart

Buy Now: Kenwood 2438 E-Smart 

2. Kenwood 60 Percent Saving Inverter AC 2021 Models

Best Bargain Inverter AC

Kenwood Pakistan has recently launched numerous series in 60 percent saving models including eSupreme, eSleek, Tech, and Tech Diamond. All these models are base models and save up to 60 percent saving. If we compare these models there is no difference as far as the features and specifications are concerned. However, all these Kenwood 60 percent saving inverter ac have different exterior look and color so that customer has the option to chose the indoor according to their interior.

Kenwood 60 percent saving inverter ac in Pakistan will be for the budget-conscious consumer who are looking for a quality oriented inverter ac with good energy efficiency and after sales support.


  • Up to 60% Energy efficiency
  • Heat & Cool
  • Anti-fungus function
  • Intelligent sleep mode
  • I-feel function
  • Auto clean function
  • 4D air flow
  • R410a gas
  • Hidden LED display
  • Auto restart


3. Kenwood Eco Plus & eComfort Inverter AC 75 Percent Saving

Best Value For Money

ECO Plus and E Comfort Series is the latest Kenwood  Inverter AC in 75% Energy Saving category launched by Kenwood in 2021. Most noteworthy,  It is a 3D Inverter AC which consists of a dc compressor and two additional components including the inner and outer fan motor in contrast with Kenwood Inverter AC in 60% energy saving model consists of a dc compressor only.

Both series are same as far as the specifications are concerned. However, Eco Plus is grey and Ecomfort inverter ac is whitein color.


With so many variants of Kenwood Inverter AC in Pakistan, Consumers have a lot of choice in terms of color, capacity and energy efficiency.

Those want the best inverter ac in terms of energy efficiency can opt for Kenwood esmart inverter ac due to their excellent EER rating. Furthermore, this model has also been receiving a big thumbs up from consumers in Pakistan too.

For budget conscious consumers, Kenwood Inverter AC in 60% Category is a great option considering its overall durability, design and cooling performance. There are a lot of options to chose from 60% models including Kenwood esleek, optima, tech and tech plus series.

Moreover, Consumers can also opt for the mid range 75% ECO Series which is the best of both worlds in terms of performance. ECO Series is Kenwood 3 DC Inverter which will be more efficient compared to the 60% models.

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