Why it is important to buy LED TV’s with official warranty? 1

In Pakistan, there has been a huge market of Smuggled/Non-Custom Paid Led Televisions. Consumers often consider non-custom paid led television over official warranty just to save a few bucks. Companies like Samsung were importing their televisions and had to pay custom duty as per the law. There was a very significant difference in the prices of non-custom paid/smuggled led televisions compared to an official led television that comes with warranty. Since the inception of SKD units being manufactured in Pakistan there has been a very slight difference in prices between non-custom paid and custom paid led television in Pakistan.

LED Television with Official Warranty:

In Pakistan, due to poor after sales services and no authorized outsourced service providers it’s highly recommended to purchase led televisions directly from an authorized dealer so that if there is any issue with the unit, it can be addressed directly by the manufacturer.

Fake Warranty Cards:

Smuggled/non-custom paid Led Televisions are also being sold by providing a counterfeit warranty card of the manufacturer. Customers need to be very careful and should check the serial no and trace it with the company if there is some doubt about the authenticity of the product or warranty.

After Sale Service:

After sale services of non-custom paid/smuggled led televisions will not be entertained by the manufacturer too.  Even if you are saving a few bucks by buying a non-custom paid led, you will lose more since the parts will not be available and importing or repairing any part can cost you more than the television itself.

With the technology constantly evolving, it’s very important to buy products with official warranty in Pakistan since the availability of parts is a big issue and having a warranty ensures that the unit is being officially covered by the manufacturer irrespective of the city.

Genuine Parts Availability & Cost:

Genuine Parts and their lack of availability is one of the biggest reasons why we discourage buying a non-custom paid LED Television. Even if you save around PKR 35000-40000 on a baggage product, you will ultimately pay twice when there is a need to repair or replaced the damaged part. In addition, no authorized service center will accept your product for repair too.




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